Foto-Art Greetings Cards
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DL Size Cards portfolio
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Square Cards portfolio
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A5 Size cards portfolio
Local area
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Forde Abbey portfolio
DAYS OUT - Work & Play..
This group shows images from days when I have visited specific areas/sites with the intent of learning more about photography & particular subject matter. An example of this is 'speed'. Perigrine Falcons 'bomb' at about 175 mph so are much faster than any horse or dog...very difficult to get in frame let alone focus..
 (Contains 12 photos)
Natures Photos with Bob Brind-Surch. portfolioRecently spent an amazing two days with Bob on his photography course in Devon. ( British mammals ) link to this is : and follow the Workshops UK option. These are just a few images that I have had time to filter through.
 (Contains 30 photos)
Bob's Harvest Mice. portfolioHere are some of the images that I took during a fantastic photographic session with Bob Brind-Surch - - really well worth doing & can be given as a gift, ideal for that 'different' Christmas present.
 (Contains 19 photos)
Birds of Prey Workshop portfolioMy day out with Bob Brind-Surch on one of his Specialist Raptor's Day - - at Holdenby House. We were lucky with the weather & the day was so relaxed with fabulous subject matter, great tuition and company. Cannot recommend this company more highly.
 (Contains 82 photos)
Ashfields Carriage & Polo Club portfolioWhat a fantastic venue this is if you want horse/action/great friendly atmosphere all in one place. These images were all taken on 26th March when the BBC were filming the one show Sports presenter Mike Bushell as he tried his hand at Four-in-Hand driving. To be televised on Sat 5th May on the BBC morning Here is a link to the programme.
 (Contains 52 photos)
East of England 2012 portfolioThis last week, I had the great pleasure of meeting students from various parts of Africa that are all studying at Shuttleworth under the Marshall Papworth trust. Yesterday - Friday 7th july - they were presented to H.R.H. Prince Charles when he visited the show.
 (Contains 34 photos)
SAFARI - KENYA portfolio
Sports & Travel
 (Contains 16 photos)
POLO Training portfolio
 (Contains 68 photos)
Scottish Highlands portfolioThese are just a few of my favourite images taken whilst on a break away in and around Achiltibue, north of Ullapool on the west coast of Scotland.
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Sporting portfolio
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Travel Images portfolio
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Horses'n'Ponies portfolio
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Dogs'n'Cats portfolio
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Portraits portfolioSome commissioned work and candid shots.
Flora & Fauna
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Petals and Leaves portfolioSelection of cultivated and hedgerow flowers together with many woodland trees.
Limited Edition Prints.
Here are a selection of my most popular images that are sold either mounted or mounted and framed.
They all have a certificate of authenticity and can be supplied in a sized to suit.
 (Contains 4 photos)
Limited Editions portfolio
Over the past ten years I have indulged in photographing things within my field of vision through the lens of my camera and then returning to my digital darkroom. It is here that I try to recreate what I saw and felt around me at that time and why I took the picture.
Never aspiring to be a “ wildlife “ photographer as I lack the patience to be still and quiet for long periods, I am attracted by colour and textures. I realize that I am a frustrated artist that cannot draw and perhaps cross the imaginary fine line between photography and art.
I hope my work translates my feelings & thoughts by evoking more than one sense, that of sight, when being viewed. If you can feel the wind, smell the grass, hear the birds, even taste the dust through the images then they have ‘worked’. Sometimes a ‘straight’ image says it all eg The Fly on a Fern – just the simplicity of colours and the artistry of nature in the shape of the Fern and droplets of dew on the Fly.
‘Survival’ is more of a thought provoking image with the endangered species African Cow Elephant and her baby, going deeper than just a photograph.
Thank-you for taking the time to share these images by not just looking but feeling them too.
 (Contains 23 photos)
The Photographic Angle - Wildlife Exhibition portfolioA selection of " Wildlife " images that have been submitted to The Photographic Angle for inclusion in their forthcoming touring national exhibition.Your text to link here...